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Carl Purington Rollins:

23) Souvenirs of my inky past. Remarks by C.P. Rollins at the opening of an exhibition of his printing at the Grolier club. April 19, 1949.

New York 1950

brochure, 10 pp.

The noted printer and former manager of the manufacturing department of Yale University Press was a follower of the printing style of the William Morris press and a collector of issues of Linton´s Appledore Press. In his short lecture he reveals the gap between the views of those two pioneers of the private press movement.  “The American wood engraver, William James Linton, had a theory that black ink was offensive to the eye, and his books, printed at his Appledore privat press, were printed in so faint a color that they are almost unreadable for the average person. There can be no stranger contrast than that between his books and those of Morris at the Kelmscott Press! Some readers find these latter books overemphatic in manner.”

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