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Linton- Life in the Collections


New York 1867

Shortly after his emigration to America in 1866, Linton became art director of this widespread American illustrated weekly and was responsible for the engraving department. “Frank Leslie, - the name he took in America, - an English engraver, who had come, many years before, to the States, and after hard and persistent effort had succeeded in establishing a weekly illustrated newspaper in rivalry of Harper's, was also very kind to me and made me welcome to his house, in which Mr. and Mrs. Squier were living with him. Mrs. Squier, a beautiful and clever woman, was afterwards divorced from Squier, married Leslie, and since his death has conducted the paper. Leslie was a man ill-spoken of because for years he had been struggling and impecunious; but he had his good points, - some love of Art, though not an artist, and much kindness and generosity when he had means. I gave up my position on his paper after a brief holding because he also undertook another paper of a character I did not choose to be connected with.” (Memories)