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Linton- Life in the Collections

W. J. Linton and R. H. Stoddard:

67) English Verse. Translations.

New York 1883

This volume contains an adventurously wide range of international poetry, from Finland to India and China. Most of the translations of Victor Hugo’s and Pierre de Béranger’s poetry came from Linton himself, also the examples of the Polish national poet Adam Mickiewicz. “As a translator Mr. Linton has few equals. His renderings in the original metres of old and modern French poems are always faithful and spirited.” (A.H. Bullen, 1892) Linton may also have been responsible for the choice of some of the firing interventionist poems. “The Translations and the Lyrics of the XIXth century still usefully contain a lot of poetry not easily found elsewhere. In its day English Verse constituted a lively unusually carefully edited collection.” (F.B. Smith)