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William Luson Thomas / Harry Quilter:

78) The Making of the Graphic. in: Universal Review,

London 1.9. 1888

William Luson Thomas, the editor of The Graphic, the enterprise that would advance modern expressive xylography like no other, gives an account here of his own engraving practice “under the teaching of W.J. Linton.” He refers to the influence of the works of “Branston, Thomson and W.J. Linton” on the development of the craft in France and how he conceived the idea of founding the Graphic. “The originality of the scheme consisted in establishing a weekly illustrated journal open to all artists, whatever their method, instead of confining my staff to draughtsmen on wood as had been hitherto the general custom.” Although he doesn’t specify Linton’s teachings and views, it is obvious that his demand for artistic graver work and his method of freely drawing with the graver had a major impact on Luson Thomas’s conception. Van Gogh did not realise his initial intentions to become an engraver and to work for the Graphic, but he would tune into this by using the pen like a graver. His preference for the reed pen had to do with its likeliness to xylographic tools.