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William James Linton:

86) Mr. Richard Clark. Material for History.

Hamden /CT n.d. (probably 1890)

A completely faulty newspaper report on an accident, which Linton had witnessed in his neighbourhood in Hamden in the summer of 1890, gave him the opportunity to meditate about the construction of history and the foundation of Christian creed. As it turned out, the main character of the press notice, a certain Richard Clark, was fictitious and probably based on a misunderstanding of the reporter. “The question is suggested as to how much of what is called history, perhaps even sacred history, may have been built upon such foundations or whether reports before the use of printing might be equally trust-worthy. And yet another question seems not altogether impertinent – whether 1890 years hence it will be considered wicked to be not quite certain of the existence of MR. RICHARD CLARKE.”