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Linton- Life in the Collections

John Fisher Murray:

51) A Picturesque Tour Of The River Thames.

London 1845/1849

The second edition, with engravings by Linton & Smith, John Branston, Ebenezer Landells, etc.

Linton and Smith engraved the main part of the more than one hundred wood engravings for this illustrated variation of Murray’s travelogue. The publication followed the model of the successful picturesque Thames Edition of William Westall and Robert Owen published in 1828 by Rudolph Ackermann. The publisher of this new edition, Henry George Bohn, played an important role in Linton’s career as a xylographer, as he exposed his work in an updated edition of Chatto & Jackson’s A Treatise On Wood Engraving (1861). Three engravings by Linton and Smith from A Picturesque Tour were reused by Bohn in his revised edition of Ezaak Waltons’ Angler (1856) .