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Linton- Life in the Collections

John Thompson sc.:

London 1817

The ornamental title-page of the popular book of moral instructions was engraved by Robert Branston´s disciple John Thompson. "In his imitative rivalry with copper-plate, learned of Branston and from long connection with Thurston, perhaps also deliberately preferred by him as better suited to his genius, he stands unequalled. He had not the original faculty of Bewick; but Bewick´s graver work, meaning by that his handling of the graver, is weak as a child´s untaught attempts beside the accomplishment of Thompson. (...) (Thompson) was mannered, because graver-work in copper is mannered, almost necessarily conventional; but it was with the best of copper-manner." The Puckle´s Club- proof was printed by Linton from the original block for his Masters of Wood Engraving (New Haven and London, 1889).